Father’s Day

I received a number of calls and cards this weekend wishing me a happy father’s day. What was special is that they came from various men who I’ve mentored and walked besides over the years while they were in jail and upon their release. I felt very honored, blessed and humbled.

People don’t realize that the Biblical mandate to be “a father to the fatherless” is not talking solely about babies and children. There are many young men who need spiritual dads. It can be messy, but the impulse to embrace these men springs from the heart of the Father. There should be no orphans – of any age – in the Kingdom of God.

About Jim Wright

Jim Wright is a church sower, public but unassuming, thinker, mentor, teacher, local church elder, motivated by redemption, foe of tyrants, friend of the dispossessed, retired attorney, entrepreneur, private pilot, and so-so bass fisherman. With his wife Marianne, he is part of a community of simple, participatory fellowships - some of which they helped start. Our blogs and devotionals spring from firm roots in those local fellowships.

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