About Us

Redemption Homes redeems tattered lives through Christ by providing Christian community to men coming out of jail.

Most of the men we minister to come to Christ in jail through related ministries. Upon release, however, a man is admitted into one of our Homes only if he demonstrates ongoing evidence of Godly confession, forgiveness and repentance for the hurts he’s carried and the choices he’s made – and for the resulting wreckage he’s made of his life. In addition to incarceration, that wreckage may have involved addiction, occultism, homelessness, shattered relationships or a host of other destructive lifestyles.

We look for men who are ready to own up to the stupid things they’ve done and the harm they’ve caused – by being transparent and real with the Lord and with other believers so Christ can begin to transform them from the inside out. We then are willing to provide an opportunity for them to find refuge, community, Christian fellowship and accountability as they move forward into true, Godly maturity.

God never intended for us to walk alone. Through Christian community, we see men heal, grow and become whole. As that happens, they then can begin helping and mentoring others.

In a nutshell, that’s what Redemption Homes is all about. And that’s why we say Hope Lives Here!