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Redemption Homes is affiliated with Fulcrum Ministries, which is network of ministries and informal fellowships located in northern Virginia. This particular outreach of Fulcrum Ministries arose from the shared vision and experiences of Jim Wright and Bob Keltgen.

Jim is a seasoned attorney and entrepreneur, and Bob is an authentic “rocket scientist” who works on cutting-edge satellite communication systems. Both are in their fifties, have grown in their faith and served the Lord for many decades, and now devote much of their time to ministry.


Independent of each other, Jim and Bob had been bringing the Good News of Christ to men at the Prince William County Adult Detention Center (ADC) in Manassas, Virginia, for many years. More importantly, they were two of only a few men who actively mentored inmates upon their release. Often, they took men into their own homes to help them get their lives back together.

Some of men in the jail, however, kept telling them they needed to meet each other. Finally, in early 2010 they and their wives met and started fellowshipping together. Out of that, God forged Redemption Homes out of their shared vision for transitional, Christian-based housing and the need for ex-inmates to find authentic Christian community.

Janie Keltgen, Bob’s wife, is a cancer survivor who feels that God has called her to this ministry. As we talked and kicked around ideas, she emerged as the “organizer” and now manages Redemption Homes.

Because of their hands-on approach, God’s refining fire of experience taught the Wright’s and the Keltgen’s – both from successes and also from failures – what worked and what didn’t work when it came to mentoring ex-inmates in Christ.

Although allowing men to stay in their homes was often (but not always!) helpful, both couples came to see that a more functional, self-disciplined and self-sustaining residential community worked better. They’ve therefore devoted themselves to creating non-residential Christian community among ex-inmates, where the men befriend, help and support each other – along with firm but supportive church leadership and accountability.

The results have been stunning, with more rapid growth and maturity than when men are expected to conform to traditional church systems and structured church meetings. Rather, our approach is to create a framework where the men can step forward and help one another with the differing gifts God has invested in each of them. We then let friendships, fellowship and community naturally emerge from their active involvement with each other, while also providing mature input, standards and Godly counsel.

We also believe all ministry best occurs in the context of the broader Body of Christ. Rather than duplicate efforts, Redemption Homes now partners with Common Recovery, a ministry in the area that has an identical vision and operates recovery homes. We often refer men to them for the residential component of recovery, while working to create sustaining community and embracing fellowships for ex-inmates.


The Lord never intended for us to walk alone. Men who’ve just accepted or been revived in Christ, after making a wreck of their lives, will not make it without the support and accountability that comes from authentic, vibrant and hands-on Christian community. In the real community that each Home fosters, the men find mentoring, transparency, prayer, study and encouragement from other brothers who Christ has likewise redeemed from similar backgrounds.

Many men leave jail with just the clothes on their backs and no money. Redemption Homes will be the first time they’ve ever been part of a loving community or lived in a home where there is grace and support, as well as accountability and discipline.

Not surprisingly, many of these men soon get anxious to return to jail – but this time, their hands are not cuffed. Rather, they carry a Bible and bring evidence – through their own transformed lives – of the Good News of the Kingdom of God and His saving grace.

This is our vision; this is our passion.

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